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2003/07/07 - docpiper <doc dot piper at kabsi dot at>
Some good and some bad news: DivePix is dead, long lives DivePix!.
Unbelievable, but true, I continued the development of DivePix and came along the problem that it isn't really flexible and extendable. I got a couple of requests of people wanting some features included or want to display even more information about an image and more and more and so on. Well, currently DP is built just on classes. And now I recognized that the way of just use classes is wrong. DP started as a programming exercise and I immediatly came along the idea of those classes.
Now, while getting more complicated it is the wrong way to continue like that. That's why I do not release a new DP version!
BUT: I'll release a brandnew DivePix called ... well, how should I call it?
Vote: DivePix Increment 2 | DivePix Stage 2 | DivePix The Next Generation | Other suggestions
My ideas currently are that the configuration is still textfile based, but it should have modules which can then take usage of a MySQL database.
The summary of this few lines is: no new OLD DivePix but a brandnew one!
2003/04/27 - docpiper <doc dot piper at kabsi dot at>
Time passes by and - nothing happens. To be honest: I had no time to do anything on DivePix. Just in the last days I got some mails from users requiring new features, having suggestions.
Well, thanks to you all. I'll try my best, but there's no chance at the moment to continue the development of this program. My job is requiring most of my time and the rest is occupied by my family and the only hobby where I can spend my really rare freetime - my new motorcycle YAMAHA FZS600 Fazer.
Everyone is invited to take over the development of DivePix if he wants - no joke. It doesn't seem that the situation will change in the next future - or do you have the time to wait until September or later this year?
But to to at least something I'm thinking about to rewrite DivePix from scratch again - let's see how long this would take. And therefore I need you, everyone who's using DivePix.
I got some really interesting suggestions for features from users where I think they're worth to be implemented. But I think with a MySQL database things would be easier to handle than just files.
So sent me an email and tell me what you would prefer: using files or using a databse
2003/02/03 - docpiper <doc dot piper at kabsi dot at>
Hi, I'm back ... at least I can show you that I'm not dead. :)
I already got some emails asking me if DivePix is dead. Answer: no. Not yet. :) It just takes a rest ...
The most problem (and I think it's definetly one of the most common problems) is: time.Currently my buisness, my job takes so much ressources and I'm having a family, too. So not much time left to sit down and think about inmplementing the next feature.
Another, more critical problem currently is that my Linux system is not usable at the moment. After upgrading my loved 7.3 with a working 3.0.2 KDE environment to a 8.1 professional version it is, let's say, alive, but not doing the things it is normally supposed to do. Well, will be still a big fight.
Anyway, I'm still alive and kickin', answering every email regarding DivePix and, of course, every other question. As soon as the times are getting more quiet than now I'll definetly continue, that's for sure. But ... ifthere someone out there wanting to take over the responsibility of the development, fill free to contact me as well. Or contribute. Than the speed of development of DivePix will definetly increase. :)
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